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Situated on the Slovenian Istria, the great peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, a truffle paradise is hidden. We are Gold Istra, and since we were established nearly 30 years ago, we have been providing quality truffles to customers all around the world. Through our team of dedicated truffle hunters, who value this gift from nature above anything, we can assure you that the truffle we offer is both incredibly delicious, and gathered in a way which puts nature and its ecosystem first. It is nature who gave us these delicate truffles, and we can thank it in no other way but to make sure we don’t disturb its peace. The process from the harvest of truffle to when it arrives at your door is a process we take seriously. We have a range of different varieties of fresh truffle, who’s season begins in January and finishes in December. We have several distinguished guests and do everything we can to make sure their experience as buyers runs as smoothly as ever possible. However, that does not mean that we are not open to new customers. We are always ready to accept demands from new buyers, and our high-quality products, which we have proved holds its quality when shipped worldwide, are ready at your demand. We pride ourselves with being open, so do not hesitate to contact us. One of our wonderful co-workers will always be there to answer. And if you ever wanted to know what it is like on the Slovenian paths of Istra, you can take our truffle hunting tour, giving you an insight into this exciting industry. We don’t think like all other truffle companies, and it would be strange if we acted like them.

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