Slovenian Istra

A hidden gem in the southeastern part of Slovenia is a part of the peninsula along the Adriatic sea, which runs through the Slovenian and Croatian territories. Our delicious truffles are gathered in the Slovenian part of Istra, it is one of the five regions in our country that have an extremely rich tradition and historical background. In the Roman times, it was known as “Terra magica” (magical land), an expression that compliments people from the region, who revived the traditional, natural and biodynamic ways of making wine. Later the land was controlled by several noble dynasties and at the end taken over by Patriarchs of Aquileia. Traces of history are visible at every step you take. Both Italian and Slovene are official languages in Istra. The region is worth a visit even without the truffles. 43 kilometers long coastline is filled with bays, peninsulas and natural reserves where waves rush towards the shoreline and generate amazing cliffs. Two rivers, Dragonja and Rižana, give the landscape distinctive relief dynamics. You can also enjoy Venetian Gothic architecture and while you’re already here, visiting the spectacular Mediterranean town of Piran is a must!

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