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Gold Istra's showroom is an excellent showcase of truffle specialties and products from the Slovenian Istra region. You will taste some of our masterpieces guided by the expertise of the owners. Visit us and explore the delightful taste of truffle in many different forms, from special creams to unique wines and olive oils.

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Truffle Sauce

This uniques tartufata is made by mixing selected pure black truffles. Truffle sauce combines perfectly with pasta, risotto, fried eggs and meat while enriches your dishes with intense flavor and aroma.​

Asparagus Cream With Truffles

Ready to use, it is an excellent condiment for hot or cold pasta dishes, soup flavoring and as a relish with cold meats.

White Chocolate Spread With Black Truffles

An exquisite combination of white choccolate cream with our summer truffle. You can use the cream to garnish desserts like panna cotta or crepes, giving them a unique and delicate flavor. It’s also excellent spreaded on bread for a quick snack.

Figs & Honey & Truffles

You can use this speciality with fresh and aged cheese, with ice cream or as ingredient for cakes.

Salami With Black Truffles

This delicious sensual incarnation of cured goodness will surely arouse your senses. Salami with truffles is made with pasture raised heritage breed pork, black truffles and seasoned with mineral rich sea salt.

Olive Oil With White Truffle

Designed for use in gourmet kitchens, our white truffle oil is made with the finest white truffles & extra virgin olive oil. Expect complex earthy aromas with powerful White Truffle flavours.

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